Mate X of life -sized.

Mate X is a new genre e-bike monument that can be enjoyed as an adventure even on town riding.
It was a very convenient motorcycle just by doing custom that was a little closer to everyday life.

Did you just look at the handle bag?
Nonnon. There is a custom that is easy to ride in the details.

First of all, the genuine handle is actually SOMA Odinber.
With a gentle backwoop, you can hold the handle at an angle with a more natural wrist than a genuine flat bar.
The better stress, the better it is.

And SHIMANO's shift lever is available in small quantities.
If it is genuine, it is difficult to replace the grip, or there are few options.
You want to attach a grip as a grip, right?
Although it is a small part, I personally think that it is a must for

And the handle bag you have noticed.
It is convenient to store small items such as smartphones, wallets, cameras, and locks.
I don't need an exaggerated basket, but I want a little storage.
By all means for such people.

Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

People who look at the saddle are sharp.
I don't really like the genuine nasty saddle.
San Marco's ROLLS is very smart with a solid pad.
The design is chic and is a recommended item for both Mate and fixes.

It doesn't look great, but it's a custom that makes you feel the attention.
It is easy to use on a daily basis while retaining the mate's adventure.
I would be glad if you could refer to the Mate user, as well as those who are considering it.

Please feel free to contact us.

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