The first step

Hello everyone, this is GORI, who is a special technique of Doppy Roll.

November 11th, DonSnoventa finally arrived!

Since the arrival of this spring, there have been no arrivals and there have been a period that cannot be handed out to those who are looking for it, and there have been teeth.

You can finally hand it over! Honestly, this arrival will be very small in stock for each model and size.

This is a great opportunity for those who are thinking of changing the frame or making a fixer debut!


DOSNOVENAT DETROIT frame set ¥ 174,900-tax included

DOSNOVENTA DETROIT completed car ¥ 284,900-tax included

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This time, as shown in the blog title, the first step.

Dosnoventa frames that usually sell frame sets,

As expected, it is impossible to start running with the frame alone, so the place to control in Brotures is suppressed.

We are creating an original finished car body that sticks to the sticking place!

When buying a fixie bike for the first time, I think it is very difficult to find and assemble parts from scratch.

I always think that it would be nice to be able to get on the first step of riding, even for such people.

If you take a step, you can walk with 2, 3, and 4 steps.

It would be great if you could get this bass body and enjoy the custom slowly to your liking.


The components of the original completed car are also a great deal, so I will show you!

BROTURES RIP CRANK SET ¥ 26,400-Tax included

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Genuine 42mm Wheel F/R ¥ 17,600/19,800-Tax included

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I myself am quite surprised at the difference in running from Leader®︎ Cure to Dosnoventa this year.

The frame uses the 7000 series aluminum material Columbus Air Plain, so the response of the power is good anyway.

The power of rowing and rowing turns into acceleration obediently, promises to run through the city dashingly.

If you are looking for a piste bike for the first time or for those who are looking for replacement, you are looking for a dosnoventa frame with plenty of charm.

We look forward to your inquiry so as not to miss this opportunity!

Also, if you wish, you can test drive Los Angels of GORI at the store, so try it!



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