Exquisite coloring like no other.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

What I like most in Dosnoventa in 2021

It will be "CAMO GREEN" of Los Angeles.

It shines well whether it is assembled on the street or on the athlete with an unprecedented color.

I think it's cool to assemble on all silver and slightly retro city riding specifications.

Such a CAMO GREEN exhibition car body has been assembled.

I want to check that today.


The exquisite color that is not dark, but not cheap creates a unique atmosphere.

This time, I tried to customize it with the specifications that run in a relatively good eye.

The wheel is a hand -assembled wheel using the original BROTURES original F rim.

This is scheduled to arrive the last time of the last time as soon as possible

I think that the BRO original component is expensive and expensive.

You can like the number of holes, rim hats, tire standards, rim design, and so on

It will be made with ¥ 45,000+tax without additional charges. This is the only rim here.

In addition, it is high rigidity and ultra -lightweight, so you can use it regardless of the city ride.

This time, the handle, stem, and seat post are unified with ZIPP. My push brand.

Actually, I also recommend other staff. I have been using Narumi for a long time.

The ZIPP has been changed to a matte texture than the 2021 model.

As a result, it became more suitable for matte frames like LA and Leader.

The shape of the stem is also characteristic and has a square BOX -like shape.

LA and Detroit have a square shape with pipes, so it looks great in that sense.

The cost is also developed in a price range similar to Thomson.

Since it is the same design as the top grade, there is also the advantage of being able to try the comfort at a reasonable use.

If you say something, it's a convenient brand.

BROTURES Original RIP cranks are set to one step higher by setting Digirit.

The shape of this chain ring is not surprisingly known, but you can order such a shape.

If you use it for cranks such as SUGINO 75 or Omnium, isn't this type?

The small -engraved Digirit logo does not have to be casual.

If the chain ring is Digirit, the cog is still good.

This combination is very quiet. It is a set that is even being used for the current driving template.

We have a little restock at the store, and we accept orders for those that are not.

If you are interested, please contact us.

How was it.

It is one of the simple high -spec units.

This CAMO GREEN is still available, so we look forward to your custom order consultation.

Frame: DOSNOVENTA LOS LOS Angeles Frame Set ¥ 149,000+Tax

Rim: Brotures Original F RIM ¥ 45,000+Tax

Handle: ZIPP Service Course SL 70-ERGO ¥ 13,220+Tax

Stem: ZIPP Service Course Sl Stem ¥ 11,730+Tax

Seat post: ZIPP Service Course Sl SeatPost ¥ 18,940+Tax

Saddle: SELLE ITALIA FLITE 1990 ¥ 14,500+Tax

Crank: Brotures Original Rip Crank Set ¥ 24,000+Tax

Chain Ring: Digirit Carbon Chainring ¥ 21,818+Tax ~

Cog: NOVACORONA 6AL4V Titunium COG ¥ 15,273+Tax


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