Don't forget the Leader® only chromoly frame

Just the long -awaited arrival of the Leader®︎ 721TR BLACK.

It was difficult to deliver to everyone who had made a reservation, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

From mid -September, it will be handed to the customer who has been reserved sequentially, so please wait a little longer.


If you noticed, in April, the raging LEADER®︎ rush was a paragraph this time.

In recent years, the 735TR, 725TR, 721TR and other models have been attracting more attention due to the highest arrival of the 7 series.

With a lightweight aluminum frame, these body bodys are really popular.

It is thanks to this cool look that I wanted to embark on a piste bike. smile


However, this time, I would like to introduce the Leader's only chromoly frame, Angelino.

Have you forgotten this guy?

Today, we introduce custom cars based on RAW colors that are extremely popular among Angelino.

Leader®︎ Angelino completed car ¥ 143,000-tax included

Leader®︎ Angelino Frame Set ¥ 96,800-Tax included

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Angelino, a pashute frame structure, is a bit different from the appearance of the 7 series peculiar streets.

Contrary to the appearance that is simple, elegant, and makes you feel mature.

Because of the aggressive frame shape that falls forward, weight shift is easy to shift, acceleration and skids are easy to perform.

You can drive around the city with a super aggressive run.

It also benefits the weight peculiar to the chromoly, and if you get on the top speed, the speed will not fall.

It is Suisui at the top speed order!

I've seen many brands of pashute frames, but the angle of Angelino's pashute is really beautiful.

I think it's a beauty that is comparable to Affinity's LO Pro.


The details of this custom are like this.

BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 26,400-tax included

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Set up RIP CRANK, a direct crank of Brotures, which was introduced on the blog before.

The chromoly frame is suitable for top speed cruising because of its weight, but it takes a little time to accelerate.

But this RIP CRANK will solve such troubles.

By being updated significantly from the genuine setup crank, it creates the light weight of parts due to integrated hollow shaft and the durability of large -scale bearing, so it does not break even if you row!

In addition, the rotational performance is improved and the loss of power is low, so it progresses.

If you are still using a genuine crank, please try it once and try it once. smile

There is also a test ride equipped with direct cranks at the store, so please feel free to try it.


Continental Cross King 32c ¥ 8,360-Tax included

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I wanted to use tires that only Angelino can do before and after, so I put in 32C thick tires!

This tire recommended for those who are not enough to run in Tokyo full of asphalt

It is an excellent one that can be enjoyed on sand or gravel roads.

In the coming time when it gets cool, why not bring it to a campsite and attack the bad road?


NITTO B840AA ¥ 8,470-Tax included

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Since the tires were thickly grabello specifications, the handle is also custom to Nitto B840.

The appearance of a long riser must double the MTB -like appearance.

Not only is it wide, but it is good for handling performance, so it is easy to drive.

But it's really too long, so it's better to cut it to about 630 when riding in the actual city!


This time it looks like this, maybe you may have forgotten it,

We customized Angelino, a super -aggressive pashute frame of the Leader®︎ series.

The number of popular RAW colors, GOLD and BLACK, and the number of colors in each color is still available.

If you are thinking of replacing the first piste bike or chromoly frame, why not add Angelino as one of the options?



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