I'll be back

After all I cut my hair.
I didn't do it for a shaven.

Apparently, it is a typical conservative A type, Miya.

By the way, the long -awaited new color is released and Tyrant Kagero is crowded with the streets.
Click this color that you should not forget.

Tyrant Bikes Kagero "Dark Silver" Custom Bike ¥ 510,620 (Tax IN)

This color is the same container as the 10th Bulue, and this color is restocked!

Speaking of Kagero in a long history, the color is
Isn't this "dark silver" featuring a visual that shines on the street with inorganic?

Let's look at the custom!


A bullhorn handle that further enhances the kagero's offensive atmosphere.

Lightweight with full carbon.
With a 3D design based on ergonomics, it will surprisingly familiarize it.

If you wind the bar tape, it will be quite thick, so
If you are not very large, please use a thin tape.

Thomson Masterpiece SearchPost Strait ¥ 19,800 (Tax IN)

Stable Thomson seat post, this time is not the usual Elite.
Lightweight as compared to carbon made there
High rigidity due to high strength aluminum material is the point.
I don't want to throw away the rigidity as well as lightness. For such greedy you.

HED JET RC6 Track Front ¥ 104,500 (Tax IN)

I will go around.

I attached a back order (I made a reservation) finally arrived! !

It is a truck wheel "RC6" from the monument "HED" of the carbon wheel.

It is not too expensive or too low, 61mm rim hats show ideal aerodynamics on streets.

Since the brake surface is aluminum, the brake is better than full carbon,
A sense of security that it is resistant to wearing shoe.

It is also recommended for those with heavy gear ratio and ridors who use brakes frequently.

Hed Jet RC6 Track Rear ¥ 127,600 (Tax IN)

This time, only one set of front and back is available.
Last time, I traveled with a feeling that was almost complete, so everyone who is watching the blog is Yodon!
(I haven't raised the Instagram yet, so now is a chance !!)


In addition, RIP CRANK, which has been long -awaited restocked the other day, is installed on the heart.

This is a direct crank entry model.
Despite the exceptional setting of the 20,000 yen range, the curiosity of what a direct crank is and more.
After this, it is good to make a square taper that turns smoothly.
It is good to upload it to a more powerful ROTOR and SG75,
A guide who is so good for beginners.

There are other MICHE in the middle grade price pair
Now that there is no prospect of restocking, this is a big favorite if you want to directly convert it.

Continental GP5000 ¥ 9,020 (TAX IN)

Continental Gatorskin ¥ 7,150 (Tax in)

The front and rear tires are the golden ratio that Miya also loves.

GP5000 that creates a smooth running like a silk on the front.
GATORSKIN has a surprisingly durable terminator in the rear.

It is an exquisite combination with a well -balanced comfort and durability.
If you are changing tires soon, please purchase it in this set.

That's why
At this time when frame, wheel cranks and popular products have arrived one after another
This custom this time that incorporates it luxuriously.

Like that "Terminator" series, which has not declined for over 30 years
There is a translation in the immortal masterpiece that is loved over the times.
By all means, "I'll be backPlease experience it with a custom.

HASTA LA Vista, Baby!

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