GORI's gori pushing parts

good evening everyone. GORI.

Excuse me for dinner, but at the Harajuku store, it is mainly handled as the main custom parts of the brake caliper.

ONE BY ESU, but the glate parts of ONE BY ESU, which are not brake parts today, are available!

As mentioned at the beginning, ONE BY ESU is the main brake parts of Harajuku store.

This caliper and a Paul lever are attached to the body of the customer who is concerned about it.

If you are worried about the brake, I would like you to try this brake set.

It's hard to pull the lever with a light force and stop surprisingly.

If you buy it as a set, the price will be a little higher, but this outstanding accuracy is worth more than the honest amount.


ONE BY ESU, a component brand that has a great trust from riders who are one step ahead, regardless of such categories.

From the brands that are concerned with many top riders in actual battles and are focusing on making better things every day.

This time, two custom parts have come to the Harajuku store.

Then let's push it out immediately!

ONE BY ESU Smart Fit Carbon Rizer ¥ 19,800-Tax included

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A special MTB riser with a smart fit design by carbon monocoque.

Normally, the handle diameter of the riser bar is mainly 22.2, but what the great thing about this handle is

The diameter of the handle becomes thinner from 22.2 to 20.0.

This creates disadvantages that can only be attached to a dedicated grip, but by slimming more than that, you can increase the movable range of the wrist and increase the control of the handle.

Surprisingly, this handle is designed to correspond to the upside down, so it can be used for the 29ER body, so I take off my hat.

There are few 29 -inch mountain bikes riding, but it is a nose -high information you know!


ONE BY ESU Carbon Susie Stem ¥ 26,400-Tax included

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The next introduction will be the carbon stem!

Speaking of carbon stems, isn't it ENVE that comes to mind?

Honestly, even if you make an elaborate thing, the price is high.

Even if you want to change from Thomson's aluminum stem to a carbon stem, many people are hesitant to change because the price is too high.

Meanwhile, this stem is relatively affordable, so it is easy to reach.

I haven't tried the carbon stem yet, so I want to try it out.

Furthermore, in the part where carbon and metal screws come into contact with, they use a new technology called "Tenon System" to reduce incompatibility.

For the handle clamp diameter, it is 31.8 items, so if you have 31.8 handles, please try it!


This time, I was familiar with the Harajuku store, but I was rarely exposed to the sun.

Although the parts of ONE BY ESU are a little, we have introduced them because they are selected in the store.

If you have set up one by esu brakes, customizing the handle and stem will create a sense of unification of parts and a fairly finest finish?

Although the number of products is small in a small store, we will continue to select carefully selected items so that we can meet your expectations.

Please look forward to it!

Then look forward to the next GORI gori parts.



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