The last one is for whom.

If you think that it has just arrived the other day, the color that has already been sold out and a large number of DOSNOVENTA frames.

The most distinctive feature of the DOSNOVENTA frame is the height of the BB height.

There is a height of 290, and from that height, when running in the city, etc.

You can enjoy running to attack the Gashigashi Korn without worrying about the pedal hitting the ground.

However, it is also true that the size is slightly larger than other models.

Many people who try various models at stores say that Dosnoventa frames are a little bigger.

The sense of size depends on the height of the person who can ride, but the average height of the Japanese is 171㎝, so many people, including me, will be looking for S size.

SSIZE, which is popular who is looking for such a lot, has only one LOS Angels Black in Harajuku store.

DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS ¥ 162,800-Tax included

DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS ¥ 273,900-Tax included

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The frame of Los Angels, which was miraculously excavated at the Harajuku store this time, will be a horizontal frame.

It supports people who use it for aggressive, such as everyday commuting scenes, private, and even competitions and training.

It will be an almighty model.

Because of the lightweight and sturdy aluminum material frame of Columbus Air Plain, acceleration up to top speed,

It is also a sturdyness that does not be used every day.

Speaking of Los Angels, Green, a color that tickles the man's heart from last season, tends to precede.

I have begun to be fascinated by BLACK personally. smile

It is a beauty that can not be said to be the balance between the beautiful Black and the White logo.

Because it is different from the cool impression of Black's decal to MAT BLACK of the Leader® series.

It is also recommended for those who are on the Mat Black of Leader®.

Because the body color of the base is calm, of course, it goes well with any custom parts, so

From now on, it is good to customize it slowly, or to customize it from the beginning.

Anyway, DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS is a limited single golden size.

Who is this one in hand?

Since the next arrival schedule is still undecided, please contact us as soon as possible.

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