Made in Kichijoji

That Tokyo is the best! !

Apparently, I want to go far away (escape from reality).

Today is about the hand -based wheels of Brotures Kichijoji.

The combination has been decided, and unlike the already completed wheel = "complete wheel"
Favorite materials, height, design, number of holes, hub types, etc.
A custom -made "hand -assembled wheel" that can embody 100 % of the rider's hobbies.

It is a very popular service and product in BROTURES
Of course, we also accept hand -assembled wheels here at Kichijoji store.

Front/¥ 107,580 (Tax in) Rear/¥ 110,880 (Tax in)

The content I ordered this time
Brotures Original carbon rim, hub is a truck hub heavyweod.
Furthermore, it is a custom wheel using SAPIM CX-Ray for spokes.


Original rim that BROTURES produces and sells independently.

24mm wide rim width. An internal nipple where the nipple does not appear. Clincher.
It is a rim that can be used in various situations while keeping the trend down.

We have a regular time to accept orders, so
At that time, the compatibility with the hub is endless by specifying the number of holes in detail.
You can create a wheel that reflects your taste more strongly than the conventional manufacturer's rim.

PHILWOOD High Flange Track Hub Color Anodized F/¥ 33,880 (Tax IN) R/¥ 37,180 (TAX IN)

I think it is no longer necessary to explain,
PHILWOOD's high flange truck hub. Made in USEA.
Both the beauty and the sense of luxury are first -class products.
Habchel using 6061 aluminum alloy boasts the highest rigidity and durability.

SAPIM CX-Ray Silver ¥ 385 (Tax in) Black ¥ 550 (Tax IN) (1)

This spoke is the most important thing this time.
It is a well -known spoke to the bicycle expert, but I want to focus on this again.

"SAPIM", a spoke nipple manufacturer with a history of over 100 years in Belgium
This “CX-Ray” boasts the highest durability among many linaps in proportion to its history.

With a flat shape (I call it Kishimen)
Compared to normal straight -type spokes
A high -spec spoke with higher rigidity and aerodynamics.

It is difficult to convey, but it is flattened except for the tip.
(It is easy to understand when compared to the flange part of the hub.
This sharp design is stylish and cool.

In fact, only this rim is available at the Kichijoji store, and some free stocks are still available.
(F rim is basically made to order.)

The image of "carbon = deep rim" is persistent
This rim, which has a low height, is highly recommended if it is boiled down and reduces weight.
(Actually, I also use Miya.)
I don't care about crosswinds at all.

Why don't you upgrade your car with MADE IN Kichijoji's hand -assembled wheels?

In addition, we always have a wealth of rims and hubs from each manufacturer.
If you are worried, please consult first!


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