Toughness and cleanliness

"All of the birds and beast caricature"
It seems that the reservation is sold out. Corona.

Apparently, I regretted splurging at Starbucks in Ueno Park. This is Miya.

By the way, the long -awaited second production of the other day has just arrived
Leader®︎angelino PTG

New colors are also welcoming the topic.

Speaking of Angelino
Leader®︎ The only "chromoly" frame in the current frame.

The feature is that chromoly is not a thin tube but a large diameter tube.
Cut -out of the seat tube that has inherited the lineage of Leader®︎
Furthermore, it looks aggressive and sharp.

In general, the aggressive taste of the pashute in addition to the toughness of chromoly
It has a powerful image of a muscular rugby player.

This time, I customized the most popular color "RAW" among such ANGEKINO.

Angelino PTG Custom Bike ¥ 302,165 (Intax)

I used to have a lot of response when I put out the custom paint body of "peeling+clear" before.
After all, the innocent appearance of this iron is cool without question.

And do you notice?

This custom is actually a clean and clean impression.

The secret was assembled back and forth
H Plus Son x Philwood
Custom wheel.

The mirror finish of the AT-25 ARCHE TYPE that celebrates the beauty as usual.
This AT-25 is not only good, but also very lightweight.
And even though it is a rim hat that is not expensive as 25mm
An excellent one that can demonstrate the aero effect with its sharp shape.

It's pretty cheap for that.

Although it is Low Flange, it gives off a presence at the wheel center
PHILWOOD's Track Hub

Absolute strength called lifelong maintenance -free
The finest rotation that gradually increases as you use it.

Once used, it will be addictive.

The saddle is located with British dignified BROOKS CAMBIUM ALL WEATHER C17.

A tied up British gentleman, the most dignified face.

Recently, test saddles have arrived
I've come to like this quite a bit
I want to pick up and write a blog next time.


In the first half, while saying like "muscle gorilla"
What I wanted to show was the development of this "cleanness" gap.

Of course, depending on the combination, you can make a terrible look like a heavy tank.
This time I really wanted to make this "clean macho".

It is good to train and train your body.
But you shouldn't forget any more, the cleanliness of grooming.

Such basic and loose mind
If you straddle this guy, you will definitely be tightened as if you were to re -tie.

"I want to tighten my body and mind for the summer when exposure is increasing."
I will give it to you.


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