Experience Leader®︎ at BROTURES Harajuku.

An electric bicycle that gains momentum with the appearance of Mate.bike and Super73.

The two can test drive at the store, so I was able to get in and enjoy the difference before purchasing and choose.

Mate X 250 Electric Bicycle * Only a few remaining

Purchase by phone

SUPER73 SG-1 Electric Bicycle * Only a few remaining

SUPER73 SG-1 Electric Bicycle * Only a few remaining

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

The e-bike industry shows a bright sign in a negative world during this emergency declaration.

Among them, Mate.bike and Super73 are one of the most popular top2.

On the other hand, the test drive of the fixie bike was not readily available due to the low inventory and small production.

However, this time, with the arrival of the end of June, the flagship model "735TR" test drive was finally successful.

A masterpiece one that Leader® will send out with the most confidence.

Because it is designed based on the Asian system, the riding position is easier than 721TR and 725TR, and the custom range is wide.

If you pursue sizing and maneuvering performance with your stem and steering, you can cruise long distances so that you forget to ride.

And this is the test ride, but in response to your request, ...

Adopt a flat bar for the handle

It is a fixed gear specification set by a relatively light gear ratio.

I don't know if I can ride a fixed gear for the first time. If you have such anxiety, please try it.

Since the staff lectures from how to ride, it is also possible to get on board so that they can be purchased.

Various Leader®︎ will be long -awaited restocked.

Buying this year is a last chance. Please feel free to consult and test drive! !

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