SFG after a long absence

Messi's resignation was too shocking.
The love story, which could not be over, suddenly ended with an unwanted ending.
It was a tragedy that ended at the end of La Liga.

Where is the hero of the tragedy heading?
Man C acquired Griish at the highest in the UK and gave the 10th contract, legend, and Aguero as the 10th.
Pep is more focusing on the future than in the past.

When it comes to anything, can you pretend to have a PSG that wants the title of CL on the shortest route?
There is too much dream to reunite with Neymar, fight with De Maria in the hometown, and the next generation of Mbappe and others.
Above all, it is ironic because it is Sergio Ramos, who has long been blocked by him.

A quiet story resting.
Today's theme is SFG, not PSG.
Speaking of Leader, I think the image of matte black is strong, but there are actually as old colors of history.
The name is Sea Foam Green.
It is a color with a refreshing and soft impression that is not like Leader.

Leader® 725TR "Encore" Custom


I often get a feminine image, but it's surprisingly good.
There is no selling as much as other colors, but there is a certain number of demand.
Recently, there was not much arrival, so it was a long time ago.

If you customize it, you will not be pulled by the characteristic color, but rather a piste -like configuration.
The gap between the color of the frame and the form of the bike is quite addictive.

Encore 700c Wheel

Leader Up Town Bar

This color has a very limited number and size.
Isn't this the only one if you get on the fixer with a refreshing one this summer?
Please feel free to contact us.


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