A hot chari that boils hot water.

I want Go Pro.

Hi, is a 5K video Nandesca? This is Miya.

By the way, today we are on a custom blog!

KORY YORK MARK-T Custom Bike ¥ 517,500 (Tax IN)

USED ​​KORY YORK introduced earlier in Complete

It is still in stock because the size is slightly larger.

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It's Mottai Thai to leave it alone with a rare frame and complete!

So this time I was reborn as a custom vehicle again.

The custom content is as follows.
Because it is linked to the part introduction blog for each part
If you have time, please check that too!

DSNV®101 DROP BAR ¥ 25,410 (Tax in)

DSNV@103 STEM ¥ 8,470 (Tax in)

DSNV®106 Wheel Set ¥ 162,250 (Tax IN)

As you may have noticed in the first photo, this time it is custom to use DSNV parts a lot.
After all, for a stylish frame like KORY YORK
Similarly, DSNV parts with high design sense are outstandingly compatible.

There are not many components with such messages.

It's fun to ride and look cool.
I think this is a very important factor because it's a long -lasting thing.

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Of course, I am concerned about various things besides DSNV parts.


The Cambium saddle sold out for a while is back in stock this month.

Miya is also using it now, but it is still quite comfortable.
A very nice point of all weather type.

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SUGINO SG75DD2 ¥ 102,300 (TAX)

SUGINO's direct drive is set on the bicycle engine and crank.

The ultimate crank with a hard, fast, cool, three -beat.
Now that there is stock, it can be installed immediately!

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Continental GP5000 ¥ 9,020 (TAX IN)

GP5000 has a god -like comfort and rolling performance on the front tire.

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Continental Gatorskin ¥ 7,150 (Tax in)

"King of skid tires" for rear tires,
Choose the gator skin from Continental.

The combination of Continental before and after this is Miya's favorite combination.
The front rolls, the rear is sturdy. A perfect balance of theoretical value.

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Assembled with Miya's overflowing affection and personal recommended parts
A hot chari that boils hot water is completed here.

Of course, custom addition is possible, so
If you like it, please contact us.


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