Resurrection "F"

You may have kept you waiting, may have been too far.

The long-awaited F-RIM is back to the Harajuku store.

A wheel that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a flower -shaped part in the custom parts of the fixie bike.

It is also true that the benefits of customization, such as riding comfort and appearance, are exceptional.

It is recommended for people to stick to the wheels and enjoy it and enjoy it.

The creation of the staff's perspective is the F-RIM produced from the original product of Uri, which makes the staff's eyes.

This F-RIM has two types of rim hats, 55mm and 35mm in a normal lineup, and is 20h and 24h in the number of holes used in the hub used.

In addition to the large variations by default, you can order rim hats and holes according to your taste.

If you are between 88 and 25mm, you can make it at your favorite height, and the number of holes will be free.

BROTURES F-RIM 69mm UD Brotures Harajuku Original ¥ 49,500-Tax included

BROTURES F-RIM 69mm 3k Broturs Harajuku Original ¥ 49,500-tax included

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The arrival of such F-RIM this time will be 32H UD and 3K with a rim hat 69mm that is not usually found in the lineup.

I like the balance when I put 69mm on a piste bike, which can not be put out for 88mm of SHRED88 and 55mm in the normal lineup,

This time, it was created as an original plan of Harajuku store.

The weight is 580g, so there is no doubt that the acceleration performance of the top speed is improved.

Of course, the shock absorption performance peculiar to carbon material is also ◎

Now, it seems interesting to build a hand -assembled wheel together with the lightweight MACK hub that has just arrived before.


I think that it is difficult to have a completed image with the rim alone, so

We will introduce the wheels that we received before.

-------------------------------------------------------- ---

With such a feeling, this time, we introduced F-RIM, which has been long-awaited restocking.

If you are considering hand-assembling wheels, including inquiries about F-RIM,

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Please leave other customs.

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