Manager 735TR Vol, 1

It has already been released on blogs at each store"My 735tr"

→ Yokohama store looks like this ←

The 735TR, a flagship model of Leader®︎, is produced by one store on behalf of each store.

In an unprecedented attempt, somehow Broturs had no opportunity to introduce the staff's piste bike to you. Of course, I'm worried about those who have already purchased a fixie at Broturs, the future, and the car body that the store staff is actually on.

Therefore, Hiramoto, a private home store, wanted to release this blog as soon as possible.

However, I was so strong that my concept was too heavy and I couldn't take the first step. Lol I don't want to make half -hearted things, and I'm not going to introduce such a car body. So it takes about six months. I want to make it slowly in the long run.

yes. In the first place, I strongly think that it is something that enjoys that time.

This is this! Decides, troubles, irritation, joy, and all emotions are clogged, forming the thoughts of the owner and the creator. I am proud that this is the real pleasure of buying a vehicle. The heat is higher in the middle of the whirlpool than when it fits at hand. Honestly, if you really want to get rid of it, I can't think of a satisfactory thing in one month or two. I personally feel that time and perfection are proportional. I regret the car body that I finished in a hurry later. Nevertheless, the dilemma that the creator wants to deliver it to the customer as soon as possible is the usual thing. Still, it doesn't go what you think if you are doing it mainly about imports.

Well, well, the introduction has become longer. smile

The theme of the 735TR I finish this time. It is Zubari "American Traditional"

I always have a particularly strong commitment and obsession with carculture, motorcycle culture, and US miscellaneous goods, music, movies, and history from 80S to 90s.

After the war, I also like creative America during the high economic growth period, but I personally prefer the 80/90's upper America. In fact, it may not be well known that Leader®︎ gave birth to the last minute in 1999.

In that era, the roll model, such as outsiders and top guns, swept the screen of the screen, and the Smith and Guns were flowing throughout the city everywhere. I love denim and I'm crazy about flash dance Jennifer. The border of the era when the attachment of young people moved to money, fashion, and cars after the rebellious resistance generation until the 70's. John Lennon was killed in the world and the Berlin wall collapsed. It was somewhat chaotic, but the most energetic era. I haven't actually seen it with my eyes, but I can think of such a scenery from what I touch and information around me. This time I will make this time with such an era.


And this is the 735TR I chose this time.

L size. My height is 178cm and the size is appropriate, but this size is a size that I want to choose by all means if you are lost in M ​​or L.

For some reason

Because of the comprehensive balance. Bicycles called fixes bikes, including Leader®︎, have a standard 700C wheels. The wheels are assembled to the frame with various designs, and there is a piste bike in this world.

The 735TR L size geometry is beautiful for this 700C standard.

The L size composed of a tube of 55cm in the top tube C-C and 56cm for seat tube C-T achieves a very beautiful front triangle, and from the front wheels to the wheels: frame: 1: 1: 1. It keeps the perfect silhouette. (Super personally laughs)

At first glance, the length of 54cm in the M size top tube C-C and 54cm in the seat tube C-T seems to be a beautiful triangle at first glance, but the seat tube is slightly shorter than the top tube, and personally only talk about looks. If you do, I like the L size balance most. If you are nearly 175cm, please try to select the L size. The current 735TR is a very tight design, so I think it will be possible to ride even if it is a little impossible.


And this time, the motif is imagined by Mark Drew, a respected motorcycle builder. I would like to make a tribute to this work that he creates.

I knew him a hot rod show in Yokohama for the first time in my life. Is it 18th, it's around 19th.

At this time, the first -generation 3G of the iPhone began to be spread, and everyone is deepening interest from Pakapaka mobile phones to smartphones.

Everyone rarely speaks the word SNS like now, and the source of information is still a paper medium. Of course, the Internet was well spread, but there were few information that could be seen as it is now. In such an era, it was a luxurious story to be able to see and experience the work of the builder working on the continent across the sea with your own eyes.

A poisonous look, a feeling of air, which would have been running around the land of the United States, which had never been there, and finished theory. I was too stimulated by me around the age of 20, and it was the first time I experienced my longing place with my skin.

Because there is a local land and a military campsite, I intend to feel the "American culture" from childhood, but this was definitely real.

Put one of these inspires packed into a modern street bike with an urban impression, and approach the nostalgic with a reverse rudder. stay tuned.




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