Custom paint frame!

Hello everyone, this is a coater.

The temperature has dropped at a stretch since yesterday, and I have finally realized the winter.

By the way, one glove is fine for a bicycle, but when riding a motorcycle, I put a mechanics glove with a thin and thick "two" for summer. smile

Still a little cold ...

Gloves are also important, so be sure to put them on a bicycle at this time.


Well, aside from such a story

Today we are introducing custom paint frames by regular Brotures, which has been around for a long time.

I've been riding for many years and have scratches, so Dosnoventa"Barcelona"Is repainted to NEW color with good sense.

Let's take a look at the colors you care about.

Trust and achievement as usual"Tsuruoka Racing"I asked.

how is it?

To be honest, the excitement when the frame paint went up and unpacked was terrible. smile


This is exactly this word.

It's a finish because it's a strong customer.


The whole is metallic green, and the logo and letters are glossy silver.

"Cool"There is also"Elegant"There is also. rather"sexy"It is a finish!

The sex appeal is amazing.

In the photo, this sexual feeling is dangerous when you actually see it.

So, I usually introduce the completed car body

Unusually, I would like to introduce the assembly process quickly.

First, the preparation of each part.

Such preparations are essential and important because the paint is firmly painted.

I will go carefully.

When the preparation is over, the parts are finally installed.

It's fun to get close to completion, such as forks, head parts, and cranks, and it's exciting above all.

The frames that have made such a painting request are even more nervous.

Use a torque wrench to tighten it with a suitable torque value.

Once the base is completed, then install the handle and wheels.

Again, tighten the torque.

I will do the installation while checking this much.

Surprisingly, this check is important, and the fact that there is no problem even if you get on it is because you will assemble it here without any help.

And adjust the chain and brake to almost complete.

It would be quite long and difficult to explain in detail, so I introduced it roughly.

Customers who purchase at BROTURES, which are on a fixie bike now, are delivered one by one carefully like this and delivered the car.

Did you know this more than your bike?

If you are already riding, please continue to take care of it.

And I think everyone is worried, but here is the completion.

Part selection is also nice.

When I saw this, I wanted to paint myself, so I wonder if I would like to ask Mr. Tsuruoka next year. smile

If you notice, you may be riding a 735TR that has become another color, so please look forward to it.


Of course, your request is also welcome, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

By all means, let's make a cool piste bike in the world with us!




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