The first riding of spring bikes is Angie.

It is around this time that there are few stocks in stock, but I have arrived safely Leader®angelino (Angelino).

Leader®︎ Angelino PTG Compile Bike

It's one of my successive motorcycles, but it's really cool. My heart is moody because I want to reconnect. Now, Mecha staff Kazamura is enthusiastic.

It will attract tight making according to the intense pashute shape. The handle and rowing feet are also the characteristic of this body.

We have announced many times, but this time the color lineup has changed.

This is "Champagne Gold". We have arrived at the Yokohama store today, so please come at first glance.

The RAW color continues and the other is "Jewel Black". Appeared in black with lame.

On the mail order site, the image will be updated again soon.

To be honest, the S size of RAW and champagne gold is just before the reservation is sold, so there may be no dust.

With a freshly arrived hot body. Let's enjoy spring in many ways and inflate your chest.


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12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)