Unusual parts are coming in.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Today's blog is a story about parts as the title suggests.

I would like to check the recent arrival information in recent years.

Things that have arrived after a long time, small parts that have finally arrived, and recently topical parts

Various things have come in, so let's look at each one.

First of all, it's quite rare.

Hed. Jet RC4 Pro Track Carbon WHEEL

Front ¥ 93,500-INTAX / Rear ¥ 110,000-INTAX

JET RC Track is a single speed wheel that uses a rim with excellent aerodynamic performance.

The presence of all black is a male. The wheel itself is a man.

The outer brake surface is made of aluminum, so the carbon part is made very thin to the limit and is punipuni.

If this disappears, I don't think it will come in for almost a year, so if you are worried, you can go with momentum.

Engine 11 × Godandfamous Aluminium Riser Bar ¥ 9,900-INTAX

I'm here, the component of the topic collaboration model.

I think many people are boiling in that English 11 and Godandfamous are true collaborations.

The frame is also collaborated and we are currently accepting reservations, so why not get it together?

Under 10,000 yen is also a nice point.

Golden size came in after a long time.


This caribula with Fujimoto is inorganic. Although it is a light tire, it has high durability and the sound when skid is quite comfortable.

How many months have 25c come in? It's been a long time, so there should probably be quite a lot of people waiting.

If you have been waiting, please be as soon as possible.

The Runwell truck hub nut is finally arrived.

Runwell Elite Hub Nut M9 or M10 1Set ¥ 1,672-INTAX

Before the arrival, a beautiful hub nut that was too beautiful at Instagram and stores arrived.

The colors are available in two colors, silver and black, and supports general hub nuts.

It is not beautiful and the accuracy is perfect, so it locks the wheel!

If you want it, please contact us.

Speaking of Mate-X's custom, BMX handle and stem is rich in color and size!

The store is sold out every week, and some things are out of stock.

It is only now that you can do custom crispy, so please consult us.

Something like this.

All of them are in stock, so if you have something you want, please contact us as soon as possible.


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