Practical importance. Extremely simple cu...

Both play and commuting become interesting with this one.
It is an introduction of a super simple piste bike that has a colorful colorful time.

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Frame Set Black Matte

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Basic Compile Bike

It is finished in a sharp one with a direct feeling like a piste.
Anyway, it is a custom where you can enjoy the fixi.
The more you step on the pedal, the accelerating the pyun pyun, but it's not just hard.
This sexy wheel is the best I introduced the other day.

"Not light or fast. I like this kind of wheel."

A wheel with a springy elasticity than a rigid rigidity like a carbon.
It is a gem that you want to use for those who want to ride a comfort -streets without being too hard.

The steering is picked up around Thomson.
Simple, robust and smart.
The compatibility with BEASTIE is also outstanding.

Pistes are not only performance but also fashionable bicycles.
I often ride in plain clothes than crisp cycle jerseys.
The design that does not disturb your favorite fashion is an important factor for city riding.

Sometimes a little inconvenience is a moderate spice for everyday life.
Practice tricks for a break with Shakariki for commuting.
It is a piste bike that brings firmness to convenient and inorganic everyday life.


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