"DET, diversity" with this frame.

Hello, this is Ren.

Have you ever seen such a color frame?

This is the theme of today's blog. I would like to summarize the diversity of the current color of Detroit.

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set \ 174,900-INTAX

The previous work was a mat orange and a street -like atmosphere, but now the work has changed and it has become a sand color.

DETROIT is reborn with a military taste in the frame at a stretch.

There may be many people who think that the custom configuration seems to be difficult, but that is not the case.

Before seeing the custom pattern, what is Detroit in the first place?

The number is "3" with two types of DOSNOVENTA aluminum frames.

The city called Detroit is located in the southeastern Michigan, the United States.

The north and south are sandwiched between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, and the east is one of the leading Midwest of the United States in contact with Windsor, Canada.

The main industries are the automotive industry and are also called the "city of cars", and in recent years, startup companies, robot industries, etc. have become active.

Because it is an industrial city, the road is wide or sandwiched between lakes, so when considering the terrain atmosphere that can run exhilaratingly on the waterside

I guess the pashute design that can be skipped in an attacked posture came to mind.

This is just my consideration (laughs)

Such a frame color comes with a city because it is a city where nature and the city intersect.

The fusion of the renewed and sophisticated frame design and the earth color seems to represent the city.

Take a look at such a new color custom image.

How was it. Various customizes proposed by Brotures stores.

Every assembly is beautifully assembled. I think it's because it's a fixie and Detroit that can make such a lot of faces.

The place to leave this color is about to count with your fingers, so it is a frame by looking at this blog! If you are, hurry.

Before it was late when I decided. 。


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