For everyone who is considering purchasin...

There are things that you want to know before you buy
Here are some mate characteristics, parts standards, and BRTURES services associated with it.

Mate. Bike JAPAN's official online shop and BROTURES are the same.
But their delivery methods are very different.

The official online shop of Mate. Bike JAPAN will arrive at the customer at the time of the factory.
This means a state where you do not have any detailed settings.
Since it is sent directly from the warehouse, we have not inspected. For that reason, the shipping cost is cheap and the delivery time is fast.
(At least as of November 2021.)

Hydraulic disc brake, adjustment of gear, handling, etc.
To be honest, it is almost impossible for customers to set and adjust
If you have a mechanic experience and knowledge, it may be fine if you have tools, but the majority will not.

By the way, it is possible to assemble purchased from another store, but we have received ¥ 33,000- as a wage.
In many cases, it is actually purchased at Mate. Bike Japan official online shop and brought to Broturs.
I think this is a wasteful thing.

So the motorcycles purchased at BROTURES are assembled and adjusted at the store without exception.
This is the same for mail order.
When shipping, it will be shipped by completely assembly, so you can ride from the moment you arrive.

Of course, if you purchase at BROTURES, there is no first assembly wage.
Initial maintenance is also free at stores.
Please feel free to contact us for custom consultation.

Delivery and shipping costs will be reduced because of the processing process.
It's a waste to be able to ride a good bike in the best state.
It doesn't make sense if you can't get on it properly.

At BROTURES, we offer the above services so that we want to be sincere so that customers can enjoy bicycles as much as possible.
I would be glad if you could choose the same bicycle or in such a point.