BROTURES commitment

In Broturs, all orders are assembled and worked with professional promanic.
In cheap shops that do not have a store, it is often the case to ship items shipped from manufacturers as they are. 。 。
We believe this is in a state where the parts are on for the time being, and it is not a driving state.

When ordering at BROTURES, we always have a break in store sales, mail -order, preparation, cleaning, grease -up, tightening and adjusting with appropriate torque.
It's not the end of the customer, but rather because I think it's the start.

~ Decomposition ~

All finished cars will be disassembled as a frame and parts inspection before delivery.
Here, we will check the product to check if there is any problem.

~ Preferences ~

In the case of a rose -complete order, the accuracy of each part is increased by tapping the screws on the frame and removing excess paint.
In addition, rust prevention treatment is applied inside the frame mainly on steel bikes.
No matter how good a bike is, if you neglect to process, you may not be able to demonstrate its performance or a problem.

~ Cleaning ~

Thoroughly remove burrs, unnecessary oils and dirt that appear during cutting.

~ Grease -up ~

Grease up by using dedicated chemicals in all screws to prevent baked bolts and parts and rust.
We also use loosening agents such as lock tights as needed.

~ Increase and adjust with appropriate torque ~

All parts can cause failure or defect if they are too tight or too loose.
Use a dedicated tool to increase the appropriate torque value and adjust the parts.

~ Wheel ~

BROTURES also has a strong commitment to custom wheels (hand -assembled wheels).
The wheel is a bicycle flower shape and is one of the parts that are rarely replaced.
We have as few problems as possible, and we work carefully so that they can be used for a long time.

~ Spokes prevention agent ~

Even if you are not running intensely, the nipple will always be loose, and the wheel will swing.
In order to minimize this, a loosening agent is distributed on the screws when assembled.

~ Swinging, leaving the center, tension management ~

It is an indispensable task to increase the accuracy of the wheel.
In order to maximize the performance of the rim and hub, it takes time to check many times one by one.

~ Shugoki ~

The wheels swing by applying a load from various directions.
By squeezing the wheels when assembling, this swing does not occur as much as possible.

In addition to this, if there is a necessary process in the case -by -case, we work each time.
These are indispensable tasks for customers to enjoy their fixing bikes for a long time.
We are working hard every day so that customers who are considering fixie bikes and custom wheels can purchase with confidence.