Mate. Bike "City" back blog.

Next -generation electric bicycles that continue to attract attention in 2021"Mate. Bike"

A light assist with a maximum distance of 100 km, and even gear.

Following the 250, which is very popular and sold out, this time a model called CITY appeared.

So -called, simply think of it as a 250 x small car model.

Regarding arrival information and detailed specifications→ The other day's blog ←If you look at

To write on the blog here"Oh !! That's convenient !!"

I will tell you three topics that you can think of.

What kind of troubles do the staff who are actually standing at the store actually hear?

How good is this City for that trouble?

It will be the personal impression of the Harajuku store staff.

But I think it's real.

I hope we can tell us the information that you would have been interested in on a regular basis.

Then please come with you a little.

① Enter the bicycle parking lot because we use thin tires

I think this is an essential item for your wife and those who use it for commuting.

A bicycle parking lot adjacent to supermarkets and stations.

Of course, wide tires like 250X are hard to enter.

However, this city has a tire width of about 5cm, so it is easy to park.

It depends on the location, but you should be able to respond to most bicycle parking lots.

② Mate X is suitable for leisure, CITY is suitable for urban areas

This is a super personal opinion, so don't refer to it. smile

250X is a touring that makes use of a wide wheelbase on bad roads.

One that sells powerful driving.

CITY, as the name suggests, is suitable for urban areas.

You may not be able to run a dynamic like 250X

Running performance and light handring with small turns.

Because of the good handling, it may be possible to do it in a popular place without difficulty.

Although it was written on the arrival blogEven women who are not confident in piloting are safe at all.

③ If it is folded, it ’s ridiculously smart

The actual folded images are also available, so we will introduce them together.

With this size, two domestic SUVs can easily enter.

I want to take it to the go, such as my family, my wife, but I don't have two.

Good news for such people. Check the dimensions of the car with a major now! smile

Go out two cars on the car, and go sightseeing using Mate City on the go.

This is not a dream.

That's it for a super personal opinion, but I wrote it.

It is a product that has not actually been released yet, so I can not say it in general

It will be in stock and sell, and the more Impre will increase in the future.

I want to tell you this, I will write again if there is anything.

Then, please look forward to the arrival of Mate City on July 21.

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