A deep relationship between Harajuku and NJS

Hello everyone. It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Today, as the title shows, I would like to introduce a surprisingly deep relationship between Harajuku and the NJS frame with a custom vehicle.

Immediately, why is Harajuku and NJS deep first?

It is a city where BROTURES Harajuku exists, and in the city of Harajuku, there is a fashion icon in any era.

The location of the JR Yamanote Line and the place located deeper than Meiji -dori is called backwara, and Brotues Harajuku is located in such a place.

"Hiroshi Fujiwara", which anyone who likes clothes has established the status of the area of ​​the back Harajuku.

After establishing an apparel brand called GOOD ENOUGH in the 1990s, he supported NIGO, a NIGO launching A BTHING APE, and NOWERE, a joint shop of Takahashi Shield, which launched Undercover.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, who still supported both brands and created the unique fashion culture of Uroki -Harajuku, who supported both brands at the forefront of the fashion industry, actually moved through the town of Harajuku across the piste bike at this time. I was!

The SK8 team called T19, which is inseparable from the Japanese fixie bike culture.

The existence of a piste bike was indispensable for the movement of TOKYO19 T19 crews formed in 1984.

From the park to the park, he went to a shop where his friends gather, at night, he was running around and running around.

It was a chromoly frame where the craftsman's soul dwells, which meets the criteria used in the NJS (Japan Bicycle Promotion Church).

As now, there are few frames that are made from aluminum material aero -shaped, such as Leader®︎ and Dosnoventa.

The thin and beautiful frames of the chromoly once fascinated many people.

We omit various places, but the city of Harajuku contained a lot of culture, such as fashion, music, and skating, but the piste bikes continue to be on the side of those people. I'm!


There is only one NJS frame in BROTURES Harajuku, which is particularly closely related to the town of Harajuku.

I will do custom immediately and introduce it!

BRIDGESTONE NJS Frame ¥ 118,800-Tax included

BRIDGESTONE NJS Custom completed car ¥ 341,929-Tax included

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Many people are surprised that this frame is displayed in the store because we mainly handle Leader®︎. smile

That should be it, we have a small amount of NJS frame every time we have a small amount of NJS frames, so it is mostly sold before lining up in stores.

Among those popular NJS frames, there is one stock in the Harajuku store with a particularly popular BRIDGESTONE frame!

And the golden size of 520, (S size equivalent!)

Please see the lag processing applied to each welding part. I fall in love with the beautiful technology to create a craftsman's frame.

By the way, the NJS frame is made of a material called chromoly. Did you know that the material is the same in the same chromoly depending on the composition rate of the ingredients used?

This frame is a frame that uses a frame called Kaisei 8630 R to achieve moderate rigidity and tenacious driving!

By increasing the hardness, stickiness, and tensile strength rather than normal chromoly, it is a frame that has a reputation for lightweight performance by processing the frame thinner.


PHIL WOOD HIGH FLANGE HUB × H PLUS SON SL-42 Polish Front ¥ 46,310-Tax included

PHIL WOOD HIGH FLANGE HUB × H PLUS SON SL-42 Polish Rear ¥ 49,610-Tax included

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The setting of the baton wheels is also outstanding on the NJS frame, but this time we have set up hand -assembled wheels to match the compatibility of the thin and beautiful frame of chromoly.

This time, we dare to remove the NJS certified parts, use a hub that nurtures the high durability of PHIL WOOD, and make a wheel using the semi-deep rim H Plus SON SL-42. I did!

By using 42mm height instead of 24mm height, the durability of the wheel has been improved and the impact has been added.

Needless to say, the durability of the PHILWOOD used for the hub will definitely be a hub of a living thing.

In addition, Polish processing, polished by the craftsman's hands, has the beauty that it is likely to be sucked in just by looking at it.

The hand assembly is deep because the facial expressions and riding comfort change greatly depending on the hub, rim, spoke and assembly method of the wheel!


NOVACORONA DLC coating kog ¥ 21,840-tax included

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The cog is indispensable for setting the gear ratio, a set of novacorona, which just arrived at the Harajuku store yesterday.

DLS processing is an abbreviation of Diamond-Like Carbon, and is a technology that can be used as a surface of the unprecedented low wear coefficient by creating a nano-level thin film on the metal surface.
DLC (DIAMOND-Like Carbon) coating has various functions such as low wear resistance (high hardness), low friction coefficient, infrared transparency, design, bio-parasility, gas barrier, and rotation resistance. I have.

In addition to such special processing, the meat removal is well applied, which is also a feature of NovaCorona, so it is finished to the strongest cog with excellent light weight!


How was this custom?

Of course, it is cool to straddle the aero -shaped aluminum frame, which is created from Laeder®️ and Dosnoventa, which color the modern street scene, but nowadays, the ancestors who have focused on the past in the past and created the culture of the city of Harajuku. How about straddling a special one that straddles all of them?

We look forward to your inquiry and inquiry!



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