Noh hawk hides the claws

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Apparently, a complete suspicious person is at the same time. This is Miya.

Today, from the Brotures signboard brand Leader,
With the same price of ¥ 110,000-, similar to "721TR", it has a completely different geometry from 721TR.
We propose a custom bike of "Leader the Cure".

Leader®︎ THE CURE COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 110,000 (Tax in)

First of all, here is the state of the finished car. Before.

And After.
Click here for this custom!

Leader The Cure Custom Bike ¥ 253,770 (Tax IN)

This time, the front and rear wheels and tires, and the pedal strap, simply three customs.

Like 721TR, despite the excellent entry model

Because it uses "Pashute Geometry", which is only allowed for fixie bikes
THE Cure has gained a great advantage in acceleration.

It is a popular model that is supported by a wide range of riders, from beginners to expert with its high uniqueness.

Here is an article that introduced CURE earlier.

Please check it out in the first place!

Then go to the custom point.

Both before and after, set a hand -assembled wheel of the Kichijoji store Kichijoji store.

Easton R90 SL x Philwood Low Flange Track Hub

Front ¥ 55,495 (Tax in)Rear ¥ 58,795 (Tax in)

Front/Rear set ¥ 114,290 (Tax in)

High performance slim Easton R90 SL using aluminum, which boasts strength that can be used in cyclocross and MTB,
It is a custom wheel that also combines PHILWOOD's Lou Frange truck hub, which is also attractive with high durability.

Exquisite expert with the royal road black x silver combination.

In addition, I put Continental "4-season" on the front and rear tires.

Famous for "just sturdy", thatGATOR SKINAlso used in
Equipped with the company's punk -resistant material "Duraskin", while keeping the daily puncture risk to the limit,
The amount of casing (fiber) used is 330TPI,
Compared to the 180TPI GATOR SKIN, it is an overwhelming advantage in the flexibility of running.

This is a must -have for those who have already experienced GATOR SKIN.

YNOT Pedal Strap Brotures Special ¥ 8,800 (Tax IN)

Finally, the strap is completed by attaching YNOT of Brotures name and Glowin the Dark!

As mentioned above, today's custom and appearance are very simple and protein.
...but! !

If you straddle it, the rotation of the "PHILWOOD" hub, the reliable rigidity of "Easton",
"4SEASON", which greatly reduces stress from the road surface with the finest flexibility
The potential of each part is very high even at a small custom point, and they are all integrated.
The "contents" are super rich and high -performance than they look.

"Noh hawk hides the claws"

At first glance, the gorgeous body that takes a glance is of course wonderful.
Regardless of whether it is not decorated like this time, a hard body
In fact, it may have a ridiculous potential.

If you are at a loss of custom, how about such a route?


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