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Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop of "Adult Factory Tour" the other day. In addition, we sincerely apologize to customers who have not come in time even though the announcement has come. This time, I had the opportunity to create a test ride for Kagero, so I visited it as if it were a corner. I didn't usually explain the process of assembling a fixie bike, and I don't think there's much opportunity to see it, so I was able to spend a fresh time with each other. To be honest, I don't think it's a problem without knowing how to do preparation. But knowing how the bicycle you rode was assembled was a bit smarter and felt like you got it. There is a strange sense of security like a vegetable that can see the producer's face. smile
That's why two Kagero is now available at the Yokohama store. The size is the M size and the ADATCH manager XS. Kagero is a frame that staff really recommends, but I want you to ride once before buying. Because it is a frame that makes you feel again that "fixes are interesting." I don't want to hurry those who are lost, but the stock is getting suspicious soon. We are working hard so that the size of the shortage can be restocked as soon as possible, so please take a closer look and get lost. You can always test drive, so please feel free to call us. By the way, I would like to return to the beginning of the next "adult factory tour" and workshop "tire replacement". ------------------------------------------------

[Adult factory tour 2nd] Venue: BROTURES YOKOHAMA Date: 2/18 (Sun) 13:00 Start Contents: Workshops for various work due to tire replacement Participation fee: Free

------------------------------------------------ It is the first step of DIY in a bicycle and the first challenge. Punk is unpredictable, and it is troublesome to bring it to the store each time. It's a waste to fix it every time. Let's take this opportunity to master! TOSHI
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