I will play seriously this month. Chinchi...

Last month's Nikuman Arlay Cat Race was more reputable than I expected, so I'll do it badly this month. Among us, chinchilin is now in an unprecedented boom. There is no way not to use this. Date and time: 2019/2/23 (Sat) 21:00 Start (reception until 20:00) Start: Brotures YOKOHAMA What is chinchillolin? Please check it out. Because it is easy. In short, it's a play to compete with the dice and go out. This seems to be simple and deep. 。 。 This is the case if you incorporate this completely lucky element in the race. [rule] ・ Point system (1 coin = 1P) ・ First, distribute three coins to one person. ・ The first, second, and third checkpoints with the staff and chin -chir (free rate) ・ Each checkpoint arrival order: 1st place 5 coins 2nd 3 coin 3rd coin 1 coin ・ Total and ranking by the number of coins during the goal. In short, if you're lucky, you may win even if you're not fast. smile Do you go in a solid arrival order and a small rate, or bet on a one -shot reversal? It looks like a personality. You don't have to know the rules of chinchillolin. Please be assured that we will do it while explaining.
This time, we have a small prize. Please come to play with half the ridiculous half. TOSHI
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