Atmos x Leader Bikes 735TR arrival inform...

Today is the introduction of Atmos X Leader Bikes 735TR! ! Limited sales of 20 units only in the world! ! The characteristic elephant pattern and the jade logo is really good! !
Atmos × Leader Bikes 735TR ELEPHANT COMPLETE BIKE [Limited Model] ¥ 195,000 ( + tax) This Limited Model was released in advance at Atmoscon the other day, but it is a small amount, but it has arrived at Brotures! ! If you are worried about it, there are no two digits for each size of 20 super rare vehicles in the world! !
With the huge support of sneakers from all over the world, with the sneaker retailer from Tokyo "Atmos", A bicycle appeared as the first collaboration by the Leader Bikes (Leader Bikes) from California, USA. And the collaboration bike with "ATMOS" is based on Leader Bikes 735TR. AIR MAX 1 “Atmos ELEPHANT”, a masterpiece sneaker engraved in the history of sneakers.
This limited model with an impressive elephant pattern and jade logo! ! It is a very hottest one not only from pistol fans but also from sneakers! ! Like anything, I will be attracted to the limit. Because there are 20 units only in the world. The competition rate is quite high! ! If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible! ! If you miss this opportunity, it's a rare thing you can't get! ! YOSHIE
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