Concept bike to choose from the staff's p...

Concept bike to choose from the staff's perspective "commuting / school" The third one will be introduced by my ADATCH. By the way, the first TOSHI -kunHerefrom. The second YOSHIE isHerefrom. If you know, you may know, but I have a basic mail order, and I have a relatively impossible sitting work sitting in BROTURES because I have been sitting in front of my computer all the time. increase.
By the way, returning to the main subject, the concept bike "commuting / school" to be selected from the staff's point of view is the best thing is that the bicycle you use for commuting is ideal, so it feels almost like a motorcycle check. Please note that it is a mess. smile I'm from Tokyo, but have you been in BROTURES for about 4 years? 5 years? I moved to Yokohama because of the distant commuting distance, and now I am running on this LittleWing of about 6km one way.(Please do not have a tsukkomi for over specs)
Frame Set: No.22 Little Wing Frame Set ¥ 370,000 ~ It will be a manufacturer of Titanium frame, a handmade based in New York, USA. Titanium (Ti) is the 22nd in the periodic of the element. The brand name comes from here. It doesn't matter, but it's being done in the United States right now,NAHBSIkeike NO.22 that is participating this year as well
Not only track frames, but also the mainstream aluminum, chromoly, and carbon of sports bike frames are very suitable for bicycles, so that they are comfortable to forget to ride on a metal frame. In addition, it also has high rigidity. I introduced several times about titanium durability, but it has been two years since I started riding. It is not scratched by surprising. * I have a binding band fixing the brake outerwear, but when I order LittleWing, it is possible to Internal (the outer is passed through the top tube).
The number of users has increased to interesting NItto for shred BarI personally like the combination of +champ grip, and I think there is a riser, but the grip tends to lose the balance of the beautiful riser bar. By the way, the handle width is 650mm with no cut. I feel wide at the beginning, but if I get used to it, I think it's the strongest city ride.
WheelsAlmost borrowed from Toshi -kun BROTURES F35 + PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Combination of. I sometimes use ZIPP, OpenPro UST X Pro Track, etc., but this is ideal considering weight. He proceeded firmly and there is no complaint at all. It is also a good thing about F rim to be able to be full black. and,It's completely overkillHow was it? I think it would be nice if you could use it for commuting, move comfortably and quickly, and be satisfied with your bicycle. By the way, the first oneHere,SecondHereIf the staff is different, you will see that the direction, how to assemble, and everything are different. The merit of commuting/going to school is honest. In fact, bicycles are overwhelmingly faster than trains. You don't have to get on a crowded crowded train. There is no regular fee. The disadvantage is that I feel depressed on a rainy day. smile It will be the best season for bicycles. Want to work for the first time with a bicycle with the season in? Adatch
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