Nice buddy Mate City

I want to do it with a farmer.
I want to bite fresh cucumber or round.

Apparently, my grandparents are almost self -sufficient. This is Miya.

By the way, as expected, the support from women is hot as expected.

This time, I received an order for "Gachi commuting specification", so I would like to introduce it.

Mate City+ Custom ¥ 332,000 (TAX IN)

This time, the calm color was "Golden Olive".


Adept Truss Porter Rack ¥ 5,720 (Tax IN)


Wald 42 basket/polish ¥ 4,510 (Tax in)

This is quite a bitter and I can enter anything.

Even if you put a large tote bag like this, it is still a large capacity of about 1/4.

The fender attached to the front and rear is ¥ 2,420 (TAX IN) with a set of ¥ 2,420 (TAX IN).

Moreover, it can be removed with one touch, so it is kept in a bag except in rainy weather.
It is an excellent thing that can keep aesthetics.

That's why

"Whether it's raining or a typhoon, you'll commute to work with Chari!"

I feel more than enough to say
With this loading capacity, it would be nice to have a picnic ride on holidays.
It became a nice buddy (good partner) body.

Both work and holidays will be even more fun with this Mate City.

Please refer to those who are considering and those who are looking for the first time!


1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00