[Restock !!] Mate X restock color & immed...

Just the other day, heavy snowfall that hit Kanto.

It's been a long time, it's been 3-4 years.

The transportation network in the Tokyo metropolitan area is still vulnerable to snow, but here is the car body that has been running through dashingly as if it were a laughing.

Mate X tires with tread patterns like off -road bikes on fat tires provide high -dimensional grip and stability. In this snow, some of the running performance showed me. (Because it is dangerous, do not overdo it)

In this way, winter frozen, summer sandy beaches are OK.

Additional arrivals of Mate X, which you can rely on in any scene, will be lined up from tomorrow.

Mate X 250 DESERT STORM ¥ 352,000-

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Mate X 250 ICE WHITE ¥ 352,000-

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This popular color can be sold each.

In addition, I intend to have a full lineup of other colors such as Black.

And how, at BROTURES Harajuku ...

Stock the body that can be handed over the same day !!


You can get home on the day you buy.

We have one that can be used for commuting/school from tomorrow.

Both the restocked color and the car body that can be handed on the same day can be purchased by inquiries such as telephone, email, Instagram DM, etc.


Please feel free to ask if you can not come to the store.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, consultation, and sincere.




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