Leader 735TR Custom Bike

Kanto is finally like the end of the rainy season! Customers who could not come easily due to the rainy season, such as replacing parts and delivering parts for maintenance Many came to the store. At the store, we are assembling custom bikes for exhibitions. All of them are particular about the ideal buy, all of which are particular about the staff. I think it's worth a look, so please visit the store. Click here for today's custom bike Leader 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 170,000 ~ Unified with all matte black, the stock has almost disappeared. BROTURES SHRED88 WHEEL has been installed back and forth. It is the greatness of this wheel that you can give a sense of solid so far. From this time, the spoke will be bladed spokes. The air resistance has been reduced, making it easier to get speed than before. By dare to make a track drop, the steering is a street -like finish. Thomson's stem has recently become popular and popular. It is a routine that is always sold out after arrival at the store. The 735TR concrete bike is paid for one year, and monthly payment is $ 15,300 ~ Loans that do not require credit card registration are very convenient.
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