Thank you for your hard work yesterday.
I was on the store, but the customer gave me a souvenir "Jindaiji Beer".

Apparently, the fact that you are making beer at the temple is shocked. This is Miya.

Well, today,

Customers bike check! ! ! !

I'll do it.

From those who participated in yesterday's ride
In particular, I picked up the body that emits a terrible aura and shot it.

(So, there will be next time.)

Today, today, it is the "trick rider" that is the one among the customers of the Kichijoji store.
In addition to the main business, the production of the store logo as a graphic artist
Mr. A is the coolest, such as working on original apparel production.


"Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta"check! !

Speaking of BMW's "Row" color,
Rugged "welding marks" that can be seen through the clear finish,
"Rust" running casually under the coating (natural occurrence, completely predictable), etc.
No matter what, no matter how long, the brain is paralyzed every time you meet.

There, the original sticker with a clear art sense

Graphic artist's necessities,
High design stickers by "Montana Colors" that sell "spray cans"
Before reaching the custom parts, the body full of highlights does not stop the shutter.

It was this hub and rim who was selected for Mr. A, who performed intense tricks every day.

PHILWOOD HIGH FLANGE Track Hub Black ¥ 34,100 (Tax IN) ~

H Plus Son AT-25 Archetype RIM ¥ 8,800 (Tax in)

In addition, the crank is Omnium, the pedal is MKS, and the saddle is Selle Italia.
What I want to pay particular attention to is that all of them are "used".

Mks Allways ¥ 7,480 (Tax in)

Selle Italia Turbo 1980 ¥ 10,340 (Tax IN)

What do you think.
It is obvious that all parts are used firmly.
This damage is not bad, but rather loved and "riding".

By the way, after applying it to the green once, then the custom fork that is further coated on the BK
It seems that the groundwork has been seen recently.
"This process is the most fun and looks cool," said A.

I think so too.

There are countless scars engraved by passion for fixie bikes and sloppy trick practice ...
It was a stunning body where the "medal of a man" shines.

Once again, I feel that "riding" on a piste bike is such a thing.

If you are looking at the blog, let's get on here to get here.
(To the extent that you won't be seriously injured)


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