Beginners welcome !!!

BROTURES offers a lot of bicycles so that even beginners can ride a bicycle that can be relieved to the high -grade bicycle. "BROTURES is only a high -quality bicycle and it is difficult to enter." Today, we will introduce some of the best bicycles as the first one so that even beginners can purchase with confidence. FYXATION PIXEL COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 75,000- (+Tax) Leader Bikes CRETIN COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 80,000- (+Tax) Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000- (+Tax) These three are the lowest bicycles in BROTURES. It is a perfect bicycle for those who want to start a fix. FYXATION PIXEL COMPLETE BIKE⇦ chromoly frame Leader Bikes Cretin & Cure CompileTe Bike aluminum frame These three cars are now available on the same day. BROTURES takes about 7 to 10 days before delivery, but we have a limited entry model for beginners who can come to the store on that day and get back on that day. Please feel free to come to the store and consult. We are waiting for you as soon as possible !!! U-KI.
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