Did you know that the E-Bike inventory is secretly revived?

Because recently, there was a sale of the new year and it was just a piste, so it is natural that you do not know. smile


In the first -strot, SUPER73, including the Mate City "Black" sold out due to arrival reservations, is in stock as at the beginning.

There aren't many, but still one of them can choose.


So let's review a little about each model of E-Bike!


[] is a Copenhagen in Denmark, the world's largest bicycle city, and is designed and designed with the feeling of "just like bicycles." As an electric bicycle that is perfect for any rider, usage, and situation, we will expand the limits of the user. If you leave the city and run off -road, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate freedom.

Mate X 250 ¥352,000~

Mate X has a collection of electric bicycle technology that has not been introduced in Japan, such as full suspension, built -in battery, and wiring technology.
One of them is the Danish developer, who embodies the awareness of the problem, "I wish I could do more," while riding an electric bicycle in Copenhagen for many years.
As a result, there was no specifications of the decoration, and an electric bicycle was born that everyone was glad to have.


Because it is equipped with thick fat tires, it can be driven on sandy beaches, mountain roads, and snowy roads like the other day. (Even so, it is strictly prohibited. Lol)


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Mate City ¥253,000~

In order to maintain the same level of technical capabilities as Mate X, to specialize in more useful for town riding, the tire size is set to 1.5 "to increase the turn performance, and it is lightweight and easy to carry.
It is designed compactly so that even small women can easily ride.
In addition to the normal model, two models of Mate City+, which have a long assist mileage.

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* Both models can easily fold and compact with "3 steps".

There is no doubt that you will be active in various places on the car!



The so -called mamachari image of an electric assist bicycle is strong, but the appearance of this Super73 has a great shock.

He is active not only in town riding but also in outdoors and is preferred by men than women.
It is no exaggeration to say that SUPER73 is a brand that has opened a new e-bike genre.

The "SUPER73", which has an iconic frame inspired by a mini -bike in California in the 1970s, has a powerful electric motor and thick tires, takes the passengers to an adventure.

Super73 SG-1 ¥385,000-

As I mentioned above, it looks like a mini bike itself.

It is also a nice point that "front light", "front and rear fender", and "rear carrier" are standard.

Like Mate X, I wear block pattern fat tires so I can do it on any road.

The road you've been casually going to be in a different landscape with this bicycle again?

By the way, the color is black and white.


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Super73 ZG ¥275,000-

SUPER73-ZG is a punchy and friendly entry-level electric bicycle.
The point is a sophisticated cruiser style design with long banana seats.

This unique ZG with a adjustable handlebar and a simple 3 -level speed option can be accessed to all rider profiles.
Recommended for those who are looking for an affordable electric bicycle that is unprecedented in urban landing.


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It was a rough introduction, but it looks like this!

However, depending on the model, there is no stock in stock, so if you are interested, please refer to the inquiry form below."Color/model you want"please teach me.


Of course, it is possible to customize it from the beginning, not a normal state, so please feel free to contact us.


We are waiting for your inquiry!




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