To you who are considering bicycles. What...


Even if it is a bicycle, it is really diverse from size to car model.

There is a situation that suits that person, so there is no absolute this.

However, if anyone is thinking about buying a bicycle in 2022
Naturally, I would like to recommend a fixie bike!

However, despite the simplicity of making it,
It is difficult to communicate the explanation because it is a model that most people have never got on.

This is a really difficult work to explain in a word at the store,
I want to say, "If you get on it," but the test drive is a test drive.
It feels like you have to check the feeling.

I think it's certain that you can't even think about the impression when you ride in real life.

Looking at this blog, for you who are currently interested in the fixes

The following is expected to be a little longer, but please come together to the end.

I feel like I'm talking to a friend and acquaintance
When I say "fixie"
"The one who doesn't have a brake!"
"Fast guy!"
It is often said.
I say "yes" appropriately
Slightly different.

It's a story that there are only 2%of users in the world
It is natural that you do not understand.

In the first place, the specifications are quite different between the city riding pist and competition fixes.

What is a fix?
In the sense of "competition course" in French
It is a truck in English.
So it is sometimes called a "track racer".

A fixie is originally a "fixed gear".
This is sometimes called "Fixed Gear" in English.
But these two names have the same meaning.

Gear is a gear
The cog (gear) sticking to the wheels behind is a hub (rear wheel axis)
Completely linked
It is "fixed".

Therefore, the piste is like a two -wheeled unicycle.
When the pedal stops, all crank chain hub gears stop all at once.
It's completely linked, so if you row back, you'll go back.

Symmetrically, bicycles other than the fixes are spinned when rowed behind.
That is a "free" state that is not fixed.
So I call it "free gear".

The fixes used in the competition do not have a brake as you can see.

The need for brakes is zero for competitions.

There are no red lights in the truck or no car.
Of course, no pedestrian.

When you stop, reduce the rotation of the pedal,
It will gradually decelerate and wait for it to stop.

And because it is a competition, there are many players around
It is dangerous if only one person is stopped with the brake.
That's why it's better to have brakes.

It is also performed with fixed gear
Public competitions and gambling
"Bicycle race"

Like boat racing and horse racing
Gambling, so don't be fraudulent.
The regulations of the body are also super strictly accompanied
"NJS" is the standard specified by this competition.

You can't use it in the competition unless it is a product or body that is cleared.
So, as shown in the picture, it looks like a similar car body.

After all, there is no brake.

As a competition, please run at the minimum necessary.
That means.

Bicycle racing is also a sport
It's not a bicycle, you're focusing on people.
It's the same as not paying attention to the stick of a pole wiping player
It means how much you can row and how much you are training.

And one time
Say, "This bicycle is the coolest!"
There was an American who started in his own country.

Not in Japan, but
There are quite a lot of so -called messengers over there.

The status is how to deliver "fast" for them
If you don't "fast", you won't get a job and your salary will drop.
It is the same theory as Uber Eats.

Looks cool, tricks, and customs

This bicycle that probably contains such a "playable" element
It was established as one culture by extending work.
In other words, it was popular.

I'm not sure if I looked at it and said, "Iko Okashi."
After all, it's from your own country in the first place
Of course, it is popular in Japan as a "city ride".

This is the dawn of the Japanese pisto boom.
It's more than 10 years ago.

After that, there was a lot of black history.

Then, if you run on a public road, it is a crime without a brake.
I was able to law
The current city riding pisting must have brakes
You can no longer sell it.

However, the fix is ​​a body that can be backed by rowing behind.
If you stop the pedal, the rear wheel will stop, so
You can stop without using a brake.

There are several types of how to stop
Simply focus on the back direction
・ Step on the back
Operation, this is about some speed control.

To use it as a brake
・ Skid

↑ This is.

In fact, I'm running
I rarely hold the brake lever.

When there are many people
Only when I feel a sign that it seems to jump out
I feel like I'm waiting with my finger on the brake lever.

It's like "brake = last resort".

And interestingly
Long skid
As a short skid
If you think you need it,
If you are on the fix, you will do the stop position in the brain and do it.

This "back calculation" means
Signals and surrounding traffic conditions,
It means that you often observe people's movements and road conditions.

In other words, the rider of the fixie is basically noticeable.

I'm looking around.

Of course, if you can't do it at first, if you have a familiarity and technology
Naturally, it will be such a ride.

"Reliable because there is a brake"
But ordinary bicycles will not stop if the brakes are broken.

"It stops with your feet and the worst brake is made."
This is the fix.
Isn't this more secure?

Finally, it's about "gear ratio"

The fixie has only one gear at the front and back.
In other words, shifting is not possible.

A body that cannot be shifted
It is called "single speed".

This single speed bicycle
The gear cannot be lighter or heavy according to the terrain and speed.

Pedal weight = Promotion force
The "gear ratio" that quantified this is
Basically in the initial setting
The value is 2.7-3.0.

It feels like a single speed mamachari.

If this value feels light or heavy
Is it the previous gear "chain ring"?
We will change the gear behind the gear "cog".

If anything, changing the cog is faster and cheaper.
But a dedicated tool is required.

It's like a weapon with a chain.
I say that I turn a cog.

If the tightening is sweet, the gears will drop while driving.
I don't really recommend playing with it at home because it will be a big deal.

It's inconvenient.
But this inconvenience is the liver of the fix.

"Inconvenient = not fun"
I don't think there is anything.

Isn't it more fun to gain and inconvenient?

Rather than just asking for convenience from bicycles

You can enjoy the essence of running simply
Truck competition level "potential"
Elements as "hobby" grown in the United States

The body that makes you feel the fun directly is a fix.

There are many other benefits.

High maintenance.
In the first place, there are few parts, so
The place to break down inevitably decreases.
It's a strange story
Mainting is more comfortable than mamachari.

It looks simple.
Also geometry (design) of the frame
There are many sharp and sharp and sophisticated impressions.
There are quite a lot of people who choose a fix.

Light weight.
Basically light because there are few parts.
It's heavy and troublesome, but it's light and unavoidable.
It is harder to lose speed if it is heavier
The lighter is overwhelmingly faster.

Well, it looks like this.

It is one of the fun that everyone connects like this.
Doesn't everyone seem to be really happy?

I want more people to know this fun in 2022
And I want you to be addicted to that charm!

With the best fits proposed by BROTURES
We are always waiting.

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