[Weekend only] The finest frame has arriv...

Hello. It is Kazama. No, since the year is overMore than 10 daysIt has passed. Isn't the adult day ending, and most people have work and schools? The wind that blows, such as the eyes of the world. BROTURES until 1/14 (Sun) this weekendNew Year SALEUnder implementation! The highlight of this SALE"Leaderbikes 725TR"or"Carbon wheel"It is only now that you can purchase at a low price, so please use it by all means. Saturday and Sunday from tomorrowLast 2daysThat's why, the Kichijoji store will be stuck. I introduced it on my blog the other day"US/Leader Goods"Like (for details)Here) A gift unique to Kichijoji store that handles used products. Collaboration frame of the legendary Mash of Italian long -established manufacturer CINELLI and San Francisco"WORK"
The original draft is the original member of Mash"CHAS CHRISTIANSEN"
The chromoly frame that overturns the image of past masterpiece frames such as HISTOGRAM and Parallax is a product that seems to go diagonally above expectations. Depending on the storage situation later, rust will be born between clear painting and base, and will change to a more boarded specification. The pedestal for attaching V brakes and cantilei brakes is arranged, and it can also be used for single -sichlos and commuter bikes that have recently become popular. The collaboration series of CINELLI × MASH is also completed and sold out at all Brotures stores. However, this time in the Kichijoji store, it is in the best state."Mash work"It has arrived. The period of use isAbout 3 monthsA super beautiful product that is rarely seen. At a special price for 2 days from tomorrow"CINELLI MASH WORK"It is provided.
And it has a reputation with looks and accuracy"Chris King"Head parts. This time I will attach this! Yeah! generous! And the price you care about ...

¥ 95,000- (+tax) !!!!

And cheap ... As described above, WORK is"Rust"It is also a frame to enjoy. That's why, most of the auctions and used -used ones have already started corrosion. However, this WORK introduced this time has no rust ...! Rather, I think it's a new one. Probably the frame of this state will never be in stock (asserted) The rigidity of the chromoly is recommended not only for the second bike but also for the first bike. Please feel free to feel free to see for one special frame, a special frame, at the store or telephone. Kazama 《Outlet/USED mail order site PEN !!》
When purchasing/making a reservation, please use the following template to contact us or call directly to the store.
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