To the preceding new life.

Is it time when you feel like the New Year's mood and you're really serious about your work and study? Time passes terribly quickly, in mid -January.

Many people will have a turning point such as going to school and finding a job toward early spring. Especially students are in the middle of taking the exam for going on to school. Many visitors come to school and want to deliver the fixes and use them for going to school. It's not cool to commute and go to school. There is no doubt that you will be able to show your skid from the first day of enrollment and join the company. smile.

I'm a little quick? Each model has its own color and size. Put your eyes and spites so that your rivals are not taken.



Local Bikes Metro Complete Bike

After all, this car body is a lineup that cannot be removed. All three cars will be a low cost bike, so it is easy to purchase and easy to embark.

The sale was over, but the inventory has decreased considerably due to its effects. If you are not in time for the sale, please purchase it while in stock.

How I Roll Champ Complete Bike

[Outlet] Pelago San Sebastian "Custom Bike"

A little change. Two models that are chic and are especially perfect for using suits.

CHAMP will have new colors as early as this month. Almost sold out, so please be as soon as possible.

PLAGO SAN SEBASITAN has only one stock. That is also at the outlet price. For a classic style and city -like design. It is attractive that thick tires can be put in. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Attention is focused on fashionable newcomers. We are waiting for your order for your new life now!


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