SUPER73 BMX Custom made.

Along with, Super73 is attracting attention among electric bicycles.

A more street -like appearance seems to be hitting customers who like Leader® and Dosnoventa.

This electric bicycle is very popular as a second demand for those who already have a fix.

And this time, I applied customs that are the identity of Brotures as well as

Super73 BMX Look Custom

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The handle is set up a handle reminiscent of 2PC BMX.

Even if this part changes, it will be an atmosphere at once.


After -sales

There is no exaggeration to say that the handle is a bicycle face.

The image of SUPER73 was further sublimated with the BMX handle.

And this time as the color, the red is selected.

I'm addicted to it recently, red. I'm 34 years old, but I wear a red T -shirt every day. smile

OURY MOUNTAIN GRIP ¥ 1,980- (tax included)

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SE BIKES NYLON PEDAL ¥ 3,300- (tax included)

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Yes, it's cheap. You can get pedals and grips at this price.

Each wage is about ¥ 500, and it is possible to customize with these 2 points, ¥ 10,000 under.

Custom is not a dream this month and blue next month. Color custom does not fail if you try from such inexpensive things first.

And all unnecessary parts have been removed so that they can imagine a BMX -like look even more. smile

If you remove the front and rear fenders and rear carriers, it will be so refreshing.


After -sales

It gives a pretty refreshing impression, so I think it was more like a BMX.

Spending money is not custom.

Please enjoy as much as you want so that you can ride your ideas freely and feel good.

This SUPER73 BMX custom is limited, but it is limited because it uses a very rare handle.

In addition, we are already waiting for the purchase so that the car can be delivered on the same day. You can get home on the day you buy.

Of course, it is possible to ship to those who are distant and those who can not come to the store, so please feel free to contact us.

We are waiting for your inquiries.

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