I tried Ubereats with the topic Mate.bike! !

Good -gen -chan. I'm enviable.

Gacky is also cute, but personally, I'm Yoshioka Ri -si. This is Miya.

By the way, today we have uploaded IGTV to Instagram, so this is the introduction.

Originally, "T -kun", a customer of Kichijoji who had been using Uber for about a year in a fixie.
He has been changing to Mate.bike since April and delivering it.

This time, take an appointment to the T -kun and make a close contact coverage!
Mate.bike, which is said to be the highest specifications in E-BIKE from Denmark
I will report on how you are active!

As a result, not only is it natural, but
"It's fun to ride!"
I was able to receive a gold saying!

T -kun loves bicycles from the ground up,
Started with a road bike (I have been to Nara ...!)
Currently, a life of separating two piste bikes and mate.bike.
In such a way, T -kun, a bicycle master
Mate.bike who said "fun!"
I think the ability is just an origami! !

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