Supreme shift.

It's time to change shoes and socks after going to work.
It has been so small that I can squeeze it in the last few days.

Apparently, there is still something you can do. This is Miya.

By the way, "Custom" is the real pleasure of riding a piste bike
Its fun, deep depth.

Until for road, MTB, gravel, BMX
Originally, even parts of other genres
A piste bike that can be combined freely.
Custom parts options are astronomical, and
What you choose from it depends on the rider.

Flashy, speed, lightness, etc.
If you decide on one keyword, it would be interesting to get into it.

That's why today is your bike check blog.
We selected from the frame and assembled with "rose -complete", which determines all parts freely.



A royal road custom that gives a solid sense of unity with silver and black.

If you keep choosing "no doubt", you will want to "play" somewhere.
It is a person's saga that makes you want to deviate on the fixed road.
But this customer did not do it.

I want to express my respect for the honesty, no compromise, and the strong spirit that penetrates it.

Do you make the stem silver and the head parts black?
On the other hand, the conclusion that I was worried about was here.

Of course, there is no correct answer
As a result, a black head tube becomes a silver one sandwiched,
It looked more sharp.

Because the theme of the off -minded ride is the body.
Select the riser bar with emphasis on ease of riding than speed.

The riser bar that is like this is originally for gravel or MTB.
Its sharp shape is exquisitely compatible with the piste bike.

The brake lever is a luxury LOVE Lever.

The compact size that fits moderately in your hand is nice, and you stroke it without meaning.
The ultimate brake touch is stuck, and once you pull it, you will be addicted.

Oh, was this bell so cool? and,
KNOG's bicycle bell that you can see twice unintentionally.

Similarly, "Power Bank" series from KNOG.
Light 600lumen.
A well -designed design with a rider's perspective that lights the light head lightly.
Devices such as mobile phones can be charged from the main unit, and it is also used as a carrying battery.

Perhaps the reason why the bicycle bell looked very nice was very nice.

I guess the balance when I see the whole is really good.
The face is not in the way and there is no bias, and this area has the elaborate sense of placement of the owner.

I want to practice tricks in the future
A cockpit that is set up more than average.
This setting is recommended because the rear load is easier to float.

If you want to make it even lighter, someday the seat postMaster PieceEven if you change to carbon or carbon.

A perfection drive train that has nothing to say anymore.

Surely the thickness of the shaft, the low power transmission loss, the seamless acceleration.
You can feel it with your legs when you have a direct crank.
A really wonderful crank.

Digirit's chain ring was also a tribute to the traditional spider shape.
A light model without meat. It is 100 points with a refreshing impression with a sense of unity without missing.

Brake and tires.

SHIMANO105 has a solid braking power at an affordable price without overdoing.
The design is minimal and cool.

Continental's GP5000 has recently been sold as GATOR SKIN at the Kichijoji store.
Impression that has gained a lot of citizenship. thumbs up.
8,200 yen per bottle, not cheap, but promises a ride that is more than the price. (Miya)

Above, while assemble the parts of the most prominent face
Not decorated, arrogant, no color. A custom bike that is completely clean.

I'm about to be fooled by the tranquil appearance
In fact, it was a supreme strikeout that cut out ridiculously.

VIGORELLI STEEL has disappeared in order from a small manufacturer inventory.
If you are interested, please contact us first.


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