The second recommended motorcycle. For mi...

It's black. Glossy and smooth black and glossy black.

It is easy to focus on military khaki, but everyone loves black.

I'm sorry I got lost with khaki. smile

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Urban ride, casual ride, black that fits well in any scene.

When commuting, Dosnoventa, etc., seems to be amazing.

If you talk about custom creativity, you can expect a wider finish.

You can put color items or configure it with silver parts.

And I will introduce the use of this one of the Harajuku store.

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DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS W/Brotures Shred88 Custom

First, wheel.

Basically, when you finish a custom bike, it is a super personal opinion, but it is decided from the wheel.

This wheel is this frame, and the priority is higher than the frame.

BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL Front ¥ 60,500 tax included

H Plus Son AT-25 HLH RIM ¥ 9,350 tax included

PHILWOOD TRACK HUB ¥ 31,680 tax included

The front is super lightweight, the rear is ultra -high rotation & toughness. This is the creed when finishing a custom bike.

SHRED88, an original carbon wheel that boasts the lightness of the top class in the industry and is excellent in cospa.

In addition to successful diets, the running performance on the downs and downs is dramatically improved.

And the rear wheel is a combination of H Plus Son and PHILWOOD, the 18th.

AT-25, which boasts a lightness of 450g excluding ¥ 8,500, is a PHIL hub with top-class rigidity and rotational performance in the industry.

This is good. Favorite. Something to make a custom -made wheel, just set up, you feel like an expert. smile

Others focused on the Thomson component.

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Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 12,100 tax included

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Thomson Alumi Riser Bar ¥ 14,300 tax included

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OURY MOUNTAIN GRIP ¥ 1,980 tax included

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Vision Crank Set ¥ 35,750 tax included

E-Bike's popularity is amazing, but all customers who come to BROTURES like fixie bikes.

Leader®︎ and Dosnoventa, the stock is getting quite thin.

Orders are also possible by phone, e -mail, Instagram DM, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

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