Upgrading the 'Legs' of Your Bike

Hello, this is Ren.

Let me start with a personal story. I recently made a significant purchase after a long time – a proper down jacket, the first in 10 years. It took a while to find one that suited my taste.

I bought this one: THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL 65/35 Field Down Jacket. The PURPLE LABEL is a Japan-exclusive line developed in collaboration with select Japanese shops, distinct from the main outdoor line. Its designs mix fashion with sports, different from the typical hardcore outdoor look.

The one I bought is inspired by the 1980s field jacket silhouette - short and boxy. It’s plain with no visible TNF logo, except for the brand name on the top button. Personally, I loved the raglan sleeves, which are perfect for my narrow shoulders, avoiding the typical puffiness around the shoulders common in down jackets.

I was drawn to its excellent silhouette, and before I knew it, I was at the checkout counter. It was a great purchase – classics truly are the best.

Now, to the main topic. Today, I want to introduce something that exemplifies 'classics are the best': Wheels, the 'legs' of a fixed gear bike. The rotation, weight, and design of the wheels can significantly impact the bike's performance. For those riding stock bikes, customizing your wheels is something I highly recommend.

Today, I've picked out some excellent and cost-effective wheel options perfect for your first customization, so please take a look.

H Plus Son AT-25 × PHILWOOD High Frange Track Hub Polish
Front ¥ 59,070- / Rear ¥ 64,570- (INC. TAX)

First up, a classic and iconic combination of aluminum rim and hub. This pairing is probably the most popular at BROTURES. The PHILWOOD hub is incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free, while the AT-25 offers a simple design at an affordable price. This set is suitable for everyone, from trick riding to daily long commutes.

The PHILWOOD hub comes in various colors, so you can customize to your liking. Both high flange and low flange options can significantly change the look.

Brotures Wiver x Broturs Track Hub Brass Color Spoke
Front ¥ 33,386- / Rear ¥ 34,386- (INC. TAX)

This is a BROTURES original combination. While we offer an all-black option, these brass-colored spokes instantly add a custom feel. The WIVER, being a wide rim, is versatile for everyday use and serious riding, making it a top recommendation for beginners.

Brotures Wiver Polish x Dura-Ace HB-7710 Low France Hub
Front ¥ 42,664- / Rear ¥ 45,249- (INC. TAX)

Next, an all-silver combination that I personally like. This set features a DURA-ACE low flange hub for touring wheels. It's a maintainable hub, perfect for everyday commuting and long-term use. It's double-sided, so you can switch between fixed and free gears as you like.

Front ¥ 28,930- / Rear ¥ 30,030- (INC. TAX)

For those who want a classic feel or ride a chromoly frame for city riding, this is for you. The 14mm rim height offers a subtle elegance, and the small hub reduces visual bulk. It’s a beautifully simple and clean hand-built wheel that almost feels like a complete set.

These are my top four hand-built wheel recommendations. Each will surely satisfy you, so if you're thinking about customizing your wheels, I'd love for you to choose from these.

We have many other hand-built wheel combinations available, so feel free to come and take a look.


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