It's not a faster! 2019 Riding Array Cat ...

Suddenly, I will do an event after a long time. Moreover, I will race suddenly. High Cinder Presents. CHINESE ESCAPE ALLEYCAT Race Date: 2019/1/19 (Sat) 21:00 Start (reception until 20:00) Start: Brotures YOKOHAMA Goal: Yokohama Chinatown Time limit: 22:00 There is a product! It's a big mistake if you think that a fast guy can win! This race determines the final ranking with the acquisition points. The point is, ... !
I don't know what it means, but I will continue. Points will be added in the order of arrival and the number of Chinese buns eaten at a convenience store on the way in the Yokohama Chinatown, Brotures YOKOHAMA. Points vary depending on the combination of Chinese buns. Contestation 1st place 5p Contents 2nd 3P Contents 3rd place 1P Royal varied Man flash 7P (5 Chinese buns other than meat bun, anman) Two -pear 5p (two different types of Chinese buns each) Four Man 6P (4 same Chinese Man) Three Man 4P (3 same Chinese Man) Three Man 4P (3 same Chinese Man) Single items are 1P (cup noodles 2 points) * Up to three Chinese buns that can be bought at the same convenience store. (Receipt required) The time limit is 22:00. The goal after 22:00 will be disabled! How much points can be earned during this time? 。 It's not a faster! I didn't have anything to do with China. 。 Will Chinese bun go to the point of landing in order? Do you earn points to the limits of your stomach? Surprisingly, strategy may be important.
We also offer prizes by ranking and lottery. Weird decals will be presented to everyone in the participation award. (Forced) I want to run together more fun than a rattling race. And the organizer WANPEI. Everyone should come on the day! I say It's the most fun to ride with a fix. If you think so, please join us! TOSHI
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