The last arrival wheels are generously ba...

The other day, the rare wheel "T3 Pro" introduced that "this is the last arrival and there is no production in the future"

Because it was a good idea, I tried to customize it with the best -flame and parts.

First of all, the frame, "DOSNOVENTA" from Barcelona, ​​Spain

Among them, the only pashute (front down) frame is the choice this time.

DOSNOVENTA DETROIT frame set ¥ 174,900- (tax included)

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The part to be combined is the Thomson stem, the seat post, and the tioga carbon rizer handle, and Fabric saddles.

Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 12,100- (tax included)

Thomson Elite Seat Post ¥ 12,100- (tax included)

Tioga Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 14,080- (tax included)

Fabric Scoop Race ¥ 14,300- (tax included)

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And as the title says, "T3 Pro" is installed back and forth, and the finish has a great impact.

BROTURES T3 Pro Carbon Wheel Front ¥ 110,000- (tax included)/ Rear ¥ 115,500- (tax included)

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The frame is an aluminum material, among which the "Air Plane" uses a very high quality and lightweight pipe, so even the same aluminum is clearly different in texture and ride comfort.

There are places where this is only a sentence, so if you can come to the store, please actually touch it and experience it.

Currently, the stock is always in stock not only for wheels, but also in other parts and frames.

Please contact us once if you are considering.

Of course, you can purchase by mail order, so please feel free to ask the following.

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