DOSNOVENTA for the first pin.

This is my first time, but DOSNOVENTA is really anxious.
The price is not cheap and it is for advanced users ...
For those who are worried, we have prepared a custom bike with a universal model.

Simple parts configuration so that DOSNOVENTA's excellent design does not impair.
I chose a reasonable but reliable quality.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Basic Complete Bike

"Los Angeles with beautiful horizontal is the most multi -per -pass model.
It is designed for every application, from daily commuting, competitions, and strict riders used for training.

It is a lightweight, sturdy, high -class and comfortable one that inherits the flow of HOUSTON of the former bestseller. "

I would like to recommend a high -quality motorcycle for the first time.
In the future, the difference in the custom parts is easy to understand, and I want you to ride good things for a long time.
In a few years later, I remember saying, "It was like this at first."

It's fun to spread your delusions by what kind of bike you want to make.
It is irresistible to check various parts and think about one of the ideal.
We also have a custom sample that we feel like that, so please refer to Zehi.

"If you get on, LOS Angeles!"

"If you run a crit, this custom is good."

"Do it Yourself ~ To complete the motorcycle ~"

"It's almost the same, but it's completely different. Two bike orders!"

Please feel free to contact us for the bike you are interested in from the order form below!

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