I want you to know the importance of tire...

It's a custom if you have the real pleasure of the fixie.
First of all, if you customize, there are many requests for parts such as handles and wheels.
It's an easy -to -understand part of your choice because you can change to your favorite looks and riding comfort.

Conversely, tires are often said, "Is it okay to be cheap anyway?"
The appearance and the running comfort will not change so much. It's easy to think, but it's a big mistake.
Because tires are the only parts that are in contact with the ground.

Many road bikes value tires more than frames and components.
No matter how good the frame or wheel is used, it was a waste to wear cheap tires!

I want you to know the importance of tires anyway, so let's introduce the small stories and recommended tires.

Would you like to hear that tires should be thicker recently?
It seems that the thinner is faster in the image. But it doesn't seem to be that simple.

Tire trends and that.

I think you can understand that this blog looks better.
Based on these, what kind of tires should I choose?
It's best to choose the one that suits your style, as you are good at tires and are not good at it.
We will introduce recommendations by purpose.

"All -rounder tires"

Continental GP5000

It is a very well -balanced tire overall.
Speaking of Conch, it is a hard ride comfort ... I think there is an image, but this GP5000 is mild.
This is due to the newly adopted "Active Comfort" vibration absorption layer.
In short, tires that have no drawbacks. If you get lost, I don't think it will fail if you choose this.

"Durable emphasis"

Continental Gatorskin

The fist is more loaded on the tires than other bicycles from fixed gears and skids.
So we have always tended to focus on durability more than ever.
Among them, the tires that can run firmly and have a punk -resistant tires.
Ideal for those who use the fixes for commuting or commuting.

"Lightweight tires"


It is a lightweight tire of Czech handmade tires.
The weight is about 150g. The above Gatorskin is quite light because it is about 230g.
It is difficult to lighten the outer periphery of the wheel, so it may be worth choosing it alone.

"Personal intense tires"

Virrotia Corsa G2.0

This tire is the most impressive part I used recently.
Both rolling and grip are the best. It rolls up to the illusion that the wheel has become lighter.
The durability is not good, but it feels too good to subtract it.
I think it is an item that can understand that you spend better or worse to spend money on tires.

The car's commercial says, "The fuel economy changes with tires," but the same is true for bicycles.
Tika tires, but tires.
Although it is a consumable item, if you are thinking about replacing it, please try it.



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