Thomson will restock.

Today is the title of the title.
ThomsonA manufacturer. You all know, right? It is a main aluminum paste maker with abundant technology and experience in computer control machining devices (CNC). Products made based on the high reliability and strength design that are entrusted with parts used by the aircraft industry's largest aircraft are indispensable in the sports cycle world regardless of professional ama.

But I haven't been there recently. I was really in trouble. Corona hates.

But don't worry. We will finally arrive the day after tomorrow! Moreover, this time, popular risers will be in stock. Recently, all manufacturers have a wide bar exhaust. Chance time is coming.

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 20,000
Thomson Aluminium Riser Bar ¥ 12,000

And X4 for MTB, which goes well with riser bars.
If it is black, the setting of 0 ° and 10 ° will be available for each size from 40mm to 100mm. Depending on the size of the silver, please use the handle and a set!

Thomson Elite X4 STEM BLACK ¥ 11,000
Thomson Elite X4 STEM SILVER ¥ 11,000

By the way, 40-60mm is a pretty shape that is not constricted, so be sure to know.

The rest is a seat postSpacer kitThere is also an arrival around. Originally it is an MTB and road bike parts, so the quantity that can secure a pisto shop like us is known. I think that it will be sold out as soon as possible, so please consider it.


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