Kichijoji history.

I want to wear Aloha shirts quickly.

Apparently, Aloha every day in summer. This is Miya.

By the way, today is about the popular "".

It has been two months early since the launch of the Japanese -specification first -strot.
There are no days you do not see depending on the area! It is penetrating so much.

Recently around Kichijoji
There are days when you can see driving with two cars, so it is steadily driving.

So, now has a new page on Japanese mobility.

From the release of the same brand to today to today
Looking back on the past two months.

Experience at Kichijoji, next generation e-bike "Mate-X"


I think there is no other location that is more suitable than Kichijoji when testing the running performance of the Mate bike.

The north side of the station is a vast shopping district in a firm city.
On the south side is Inokashira Park where you can experience the rich nature of Musashino
Mate's potential, which demonstrates excellent performance regardless of paved road or off -road,
You can try it without much.

For the future 100 years later.


Model and actor Yosuke Kubotsuka is an ambassador, and a special movie is released.

Not only "e-bike = convenient" but also a clean product with zero carbon dioxide emissions.
The best choice for the global environment 100 years later.

Held! Pop Up!


POP UP, which was held with an oversized volume with a wide variety of color variations.
During the period, there were multiple contracts every day, and it ended in a great response.

I would like to do it if there is a chance, such as the timing of the season color release.

"Mate X" selected by color


One of the features of Mate Bike is "abundant color variations".
It is surprising that more than 40 colors are developed in the home country.

There is no doubt that unique coloring will take the gaze of passers -by.
By all means your own personal one.

Have you ever seen this e-bike?


The first BMX handle custom appears.

Look at it and get on it.
Anyway, this cool BMX specification is
In an instant, it spread out and became a popular custom.

You can buy it all!


Unique specifications that are unmatched compared to other brands
Sophisticated design born in Nordic.
Running cost low.
Considering them, "buying".

However, it is not cheap for flattering
Propose a good way to buy.

The most common consultation is that the only price is a bottleneck
If you look at this blog, it will be solved quickly.

The current location of Mate.


With handle, pedal, bike rock
"Mate X" with the highest specifications ever is born.
It is finished in a squid looks like all the small parts.

Limited custom appearance! G. W is to Kichijoji store! !


Silver custom that appeared in GW.
Match the handle and seat post with silver
A sharp impression that eliminates the weight of the appearance.

You can make comfort!


An unusual type of custom that combines the promenade handle has appeared.
In other words, the ultimate city cycle.
It is a custom of shock that gives the BMX handle exceeding the comfort.

I tried Ubereats with the topic! !


A close interview that I challenged by taking a picture.
It seems that Ubereats is steadily increasing in Mate.

Even if you are not your main business, buy
It might be nice to earn money in your own pace in your spare time.

If you adventure with Mate! !


Adventure custom appears for the coming high season.
Equipped with a large -capacity front carrier
Compatible with a wide range of situations, from picnics to gachi camp.

Camper, how about such an electric motorcycle for this year's gadget?

Mate's treasured child.


Surprisingly, it was not in Kichijoji so far
"Caribbean Coral" appears with fullness.

A one that falls in love with the exquisite coloring inspired by the Caribbean Coral.

Above, we have followed the past.
Two months early since the start of over -the -counter sales. No, it's still 2 months.

Rather, the Japanese mobility scene that will accelerate more and more.
Why don't you run at too?


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Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00